At ARTHA, we guarantee that our services will be provided with the following always practiced;

  • The highest professional standards for property services
  • Thorough documentation and copies supplied (or upon request) to clients promptly
  • To make cost efficiency and minimising expenditure whilst not compromising an effective marketing campaign
  • Honesty and integrity in all dealings with clients
  • Making our client our priority and focus throughout the sales process
  • Striving to achieve the desired results of our clients
  • Co-ordinating the marketing of clients properties in a reliable, effective manner and ensuring our clients homes & belongings are protected during such times and not entering a clients home without 24 hours notice (unless by consent of the client) and having regard for the locking of doors and windows and ensuring all lights are turned off as directed
  • Providing timely and informative feedback to our clients weekly by email feedback report, telephone contact and in person
  • Ensure negotiations are handled with your best interests as our goal
  • Never pressure our clients and respect their decisions about their property
  • Co-operate with other agents/agencies who may have buyers to effect the best sale for our clients
  • Make extra and personal effort to make our clients experience easier and “stress free”

There are always times that situations are unpreventable and despite our best endeavours something may occur which is not ideal. If you are displeased or have an issue that you require to be addressed or clarified, please do not hesitate to contact our Directors or Operations Manager (Please see our Contact Page) who shall promptly attend to such as soon as possible and inform you of such actions or steps taken to address the matter/s.

“Your business is very important to us and we desire all of our clients to be satisfied and enjoy our interactions during the sales process. We always strive to be exceptional.

Our outlook in working with you is “YOUR property OUR priority”